Clean Code Rocks!

Sonar Watch shows you the code quality of your projects, wherever you go with your iPad.

Powered by the metrics and coding rules of the quality management platform Sonar, you will know which technical debts to tackle immediately.

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Get It Clean. Keep It Clean.

Using Sonar Watch, you can easily discover source code that

  • can be improved (bad code),
  • needs to be repaired (defects/bugs),
  • or should adhere to coding standards.

Just connect Sonar Watch with your Sonar server, bring your iPad to your meetings, and discuss Sonar's findings with your colleagues.

Projects at a Glance.

See the version, build date, lines of code (LOC), and coding rules compliance of your projects.

Sort them according to your preference, and Sonar Watch will remember it for future sessions.

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Priorities First.

For each project, you can check the severity of its coding rule violations: blocker, critical, major, minor, and info.

Know where to start when you plan your improvements.

Following the Rules.

Assess each priority level in more detail. See which coding rules were violated, and how often this happened.

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More to come...

We continuously extend and improve Sonar Watch. Stay tuned for new features!